How to Sell a House – Milwaukee, WI

How to Sell a House – Milwaukee, WI

Sell a House

Are you considering selling your house? Do you want to deal with real estate agents taking their clients through every single day for 1,2,3 weeks straight? Always have to keep the house show ready so at the last second notice you can show it. No one likes the idea of selling a house… it causes stress, hassle, & is a complete headache.

So now you might be thinking, “Well is there any easier way to sell a house?”… & the answer is YES! You can contact a local home buying company like us, & see what they would offer you. In complete honestly the “cash offer” option will probably be too low to take. But along with the cash offer option we have 3-4 more offers that we can make you. We provide you with all the options & you choose which one sounds best.

What’s the Other Options?

We can make you a Lease Purchase Offer, an Investor Partner Offer, a Seller Financed Offer, or refer you to a local Realtor to list the property. With all of these options there should be one that will work for you. What it all comes down to is your plan of action once the house sells. Do you plan on purchasing another house or do you plan on renting? This will limit our offer options & will dictate what we can do.

How Do I Get My Offer?

Great Question! The next steps are so simple. All you have to do is fill out the FORM at the bottom of this page to get a no obligation offer from us. Carter will reach out to discuss your situation & property a bit further to see what might work best for you. For all questions feel free to call us on our office #.

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