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avoid foreclosure

Hey you guys. Carter here with CB Home Solutions. And are you looking to stop foreclosure in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? If that’s the case, if you’re behind on your payments or if you’re looking to stop foreclosure altogether, we can help you here at CB Home Solutions. We’re a local real estate investment company, and we’ll buy your house for cash in Milwaukee.

But to get started on how to stop the foreclosure process in Milwaukee, I’m going to go over a few details, and then if you have any questions just comment down below. Send us a message, give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

First things first. It depends on how far you are behind in payments and how much equity you have in your house, if you can avoid foreclosure all together. There are solutions that we can use if you’re underwater on your property, and we can explain that a little bit further into this video, so stay tuned.

But first things first. Say you are behind three months on payments, but your house is worth 100,000 and you owe 60,000. A company like ours, a local real estate investment company, we come in, we make you an offer, say it’s for 65,000. So then there’s a $5,000 difference. There’s equity. Say we offered you 65,000. You would walk away free and clear. There’s no foreclosure on your record. It might have damaged your credit a little bit from missing payments, but nothing too severe. But you’re walking away free and clear. There’s nothing. There’s no trace of any sort of foreclosure or anything like that. You are good to go. So that’s best case scenario number one.

Another scenario would be, say, in order to stop the foreclosure in Milwaukee, say you were behind on payments, you were going to be foreclosed on in the next two weeks, 14 days, we’ll say. And you’re like, “I don’t have many options, but I owe more than what my house is worth.” So in that specific scenario, and it’s very common especially in the Milwaukee area to be underwater on your property, but if that were to happen, what we would have to do is try and negotiate with the bank, delay the sheriff sale in Milwaukee. So we’d have to talk with them, delay that sale, which is ultimately the foreclosure sale. And then we’d have to try and negotiate a short sale on the property where the bank would take a lesser amount than what’s technically owed in the mortgage.

This is referred to as a short sale. Short sales are not short by any means. They can take three, four, five, six, 12 months, depending upon the severity, the situation, and the scenario.

So that’s kind of my word of advice, my tips in that regard to avoid foreclosure in Milwaukee.

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But another scenario is say the house is in perfect condition. For whatever reason you just fell behind on your mortgage. A family situation happened, a medical emergency, or you just missed your mortgage payment for a few months. It’s not that big of a deal. But you bought your house back in 2010 when the market was low. It was down here. Now the market’s appreciated, so it’s climbed up, and your house is worth more. You can put it on the market, if it’s in good condition, with the local real estate agent, and make some money on the place. Like it doesn’t matter if you’re being foreclosed upon. You can still go and sell your house the normal route, the normal way, if you have equity in it. And that’s the most important thing that you need to realize. If it’s in good condition and you have equity in your home, you can avoid foreclosure in Milwaukee.

So if you have questions or concerns or you’re just looking to get an as is cash offer for your house or property, feel free to contact us here at CB Home Solutions. I’ll be the one to talk with you. And we can go over the house details, the scenario, what’s going on and whatnot.

But like I said, fill out the form on this page, give us a call on our office line. I look forward to helping you avoid foreclosure in Milwaukee. And if you have any questions, just please reach out. Have a great day, and thanks so much for watching.

Avoid Foreclosure in Milwaukee
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